I'm 16 y/o working on leveraging emerging technology to maximize my positive impact on the world. My current focus is on diving into brain-computer interfaces (BCI) and neuroscience with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the brain!

Hey :) I'm Manroop!

<aside> ☀️ My current obsession is the brain → attempting to understand the phenomena of how it works, to unlock greater potential applications with BCIs. I've been spending a lot of time working on understanding and identifying how cognitive biases play a role into my short-term, and long-term decision making.

I'm passionate about problem-solving. I enjoy analyzing, and drawing obscure connections while doing research to find less-obvious connections about anything: problems, situations, people, ways of thinking, etc.

I value optimizing aspects of my life to aim for consistent learning and growth. This optimization also plays a role in my work, where I am optimizing for maximizing impact through my work in the long-term.



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Learn more about me with my Personal User Manual:

PUM: Manroop Kalsi


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